Underwear is a personal choice as well as a garment that rarely gets talked about among men. But even though few people see the need to discuss underwear, it's important. It's the first piece of clothing you put on every day, If you are wearing great underwear that fits well, you’ll look better and feel more confident - so shopping for a good underwear shouldn’t be a low priority.

For starters, replace your old underwear on a regular basis. Many men tend to hang on to their underwear that’s past its prime, thereby sacrificing comfort, support and hygiene. Replace your underwear as soon as you notice a hole, rip or fray in pair.

It's a good idea to stock at least 14 pairs of quality underwear, a pair for each day of the week and backups for exercise or travel.

Don’t get locked into just one type of underwear, Experiment with the functional cuts, their fits and support for your package vary based on your activity and body type. Try to have pairs separately for regular days, gym and special occasions.

Once you find a brand that fits you perfectly, stock up. While its fine to buy underwear in different colours and fabric, staying faithful to particularly well-fitting and comfortable underwear can be a great investment.

And finally, wash your underwear after every use for good hygiene.