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Our Story isPassion

Austro story is focused on what really matters: Innovation, the finest fabrics, exceptional fit, genuine handmade quality and the perfect finish.

Where do these values come from? A family tradition that spans over three decades, genuine love for quality products and the unique expertise gained in underwear manufacturing for the global brands across the EU and US, State of the art production facility, responsible production and premium quality craftsmanship.

Our Story

AUSTRO is a brand from an Indian apparel house, MDC Industries Pvt Ltd., an owner managed family run company that places great value on delivering highest level of quality, innovation and sustainability throughout the entire production process.

Austro story started as a pure brand for modern luxury and for fashion conscious men who value high quality not just in the products but also find’s this appreciation in their lifestyle. Since the founding of our company, innovation has always been at the forefront of what we do, while constantly improving our craftmanship and our technologies along with the fit and style of our products, that we have continued to develop over the years.

Our Austro men’s underwear is designed to make you feel good. To produce products of highest quality, you need a lot of experience and meticulous attention to details. The fabrics are made from the finest yarns of high quality extra-long staple cotton that are twisted specially and knit at our Knitting factory, which is at the very centre of what we do, this is because the fabric is the first element in a long production process that leads to a perfect bodywear.

Our high-quality men’s briefs and tank-tops distinguish themselves by using the finest materials, exceptional fit and elaborate processing techniques to satisfy even the most stringent quality demands. All our products have countless blueprints and fittings because we trust our process and know your expectations. After all, nothing gets closer to your skin than your underwear. 

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Every day the team at Austro are inspired to create superior products and an elevated experience. If you like Austro today, it’ll be even better tomorrow.


Behind closed doors are designers, in competition only with themself, seek to evolve beyond the standard designs and materials. Our designers search worldwide for cutting-edge technologies, innovation and fabrics to create products that make you and do feel better. Our process will always start with the finest of fabrics and if we can't find what we need - we'll invent it like our “RECOV” rib. Obsessed with every stich and seam, it's then put through an intensive process of trial and error to make sure the fit is as close to perfect as humanly possible. All our products have countless blueprints and fittings because we trust our process and know your expectations.


Driven by the principle that everything that people wear next to their skin needs to meet the highest standards, Austro accepts no compromises when it comes to quality, production and workmanship.


Knitting our fabrics is at the very centre of what we do, at our company headquarters MDC Industries Pvt. Ltd., in Tirupur, home to all the specialist expertise the company has gained over the decades. Our Continuous Investment in trained employees, computer controlled state of the art machines and facilities guarantee a consistently high level of accuracy and ensures no compromise on material, quality and workmanship at our production facilities in Tirupur, India.


Since our inception, we take great pride in encouraging sustainable fashion future. We take particular care in selecting our raw materials and resources. We look after the environment by employing the latest production methods, using resources efficiently, like ensuring the water used in washing, bleaching and dyeing our fabrics is treated to ensure the water is clean and safe before it leaves the factory. Our value creation takes place predominantly in Tirupur with State-of-the-art production methods in our own facilities, with the efficient use of resources. With our products, we want men to feel confident that they have made the right choice.


Austro is re-inventing men’s underwear. We believe in innovation, premium fabrics and simple shopping.