For us, quality is when the customer comes back, not the product.

Driven by the principle that everything that people wear next to their skin needs to meet the highest standards, AUSTRO accepts no compromises when it comes to quality, production and workmanship. We consistently invest in premium quality, state of the art manufacturing technologies and trained employees.

We check every single product after each manufacturing stage and each product undergoes exacting quality test and extensive final inspection before it’s awarded the AUSTRO seal of quality. This is the only way to produce a body wear garment that completely satisfies the customer, with quality material, precision workmanship and pleasant wearing comfort.

Craftsmanship, Tradition and highest quality.

Our products start with finest fabrics, because we believe that only those who master the use of finest materials can process them in the best traditions of craftsmanship to create a durable product. Each fabric is unique for a reason and contains a story that goes well beyond the machines.

The high stich density in our seam ensures very good elasticity. This means the rows of stiches are not skipped and the seam therefore, remains more elastic. even the tear resistance and strength of the seam are increased.

The AUSTRO products are sewn using state of the art flat seam sewing machines, thus avoiding the bulky layers of fabric in flatlock / overlock seams. Flat Seams ensure comfort and are far more robust than overlock / flatlock seam and are less likely to pull part with use. They ensure extended life of the product.

We develop our products for men who know what they need and for those who know, what a good feeling is worth.

What is Special about AUSTRO men’s underwear?

Our Austro men’s underwear is designed to make you feel good. The high-quality men’s briefs and tank tops distinguish themselves by using the finest, low-maintenance materials and elaborate processing techniques to satisfy even the most stringent quality demands. When producing our men’s underwear, we also attach great importance to innovative design, easy maintenance and uncompromising wearing comfort. Constricting side seams, scratchy labels and tight waistbands are a thing of the past as our men’s underwear offers you unparalleled wearing comfort throughout the entire day. Discover your new favourite underwear online – you are sure to be impressed!


We turn against wear-and-toss and believe that a sustainable wardrobe can only be built with long-lasting quality and timeless design.