The size of your underwear goes beyond the measurement of your waist. Choosing the correct pouch design for your package and rise will improve your underwear experience, giving you a comfortable fit and boosting what you have naturally. The best underwear pouch will always have some form of contour. The worst pouch will be completely flat, leaving you squeezed no matter your package size. Test your underwear by laying the pouch flat to check.

Now that you have decided to know about the pouches, congratulation on taking the first step. You’re now part of the revolution, but there’s no full-scale revolution without its beginner mistakes. So, we’ll use this chance to shed some light on the topic of Me’s frontal Pouch options and rise

Classic Pouch

Minimal Contouring for close to the body fit, provides optimal support and a classic shape.

Contour Pouch

The contour seam runs along the center of the pouch with the shape of capital “D”. Blends enhanced level of comfort and slightly natural hang, combined with a slim appearance. It's the roomiest of the contour pouches.

Contour Lift Pouch

The Modified Contour pouch design, blends enhanced profile with space for comfort and supportive slight lift for a more provocative fit.

Ultra Contour Pouch

The new naked pouch (anatomical freedom) designed for maximum comfort, provides the most natural fit for a ‘nearly naked’ feel with maximum space and maximum size yet supportive fit and incredible comfort.